Using the Portal

Using the Portal

  1. We have tried to design the portal to make it easy for you to search for technologies that are available for license from a number of institutions in Massachusetts .  Please send us feedback if you have recommendations as to how we can make the portal a more useful tool for you.
  2. You may search by one criteria or by several - it is your choice.  You may want to start with a more general search and if you get too many responses then refine your search.
  3. To do another search click on reset before you type in your new search criteria.
  4. You may search for technologies in a specific Technology Type -  the MassTechPortal uses a list of 44 technology types - a full list of the technology types may be found at the bottom of this page with descriptions of the kinds of technologies that are included.
  5. Each technology is owned and available for license from the posting institution. Clicking the title of the invention on the results page will bring you to a page containing a detailed description of the technology and contact information for the institution managing the technology. Please use the case number listed when corresponding with the institution.
  6. Printing - for best results set paper to print in landscape when printing.

Technology Types

The following are the TechTypes that the Portal uses.

Portal Technology Types


Areas Included

Agriculture General Agriculture, animal health, forestry, agricultural chemicals and related technologies
Environment General Recycling, hazardous and waste management, environmental management system, water treatment, pollution control and prevention, toxins, environmental remediation
Foods and Plant Sciences General Foods processes, fermentation, nutrition, sterilization, storage, animal/vegetable products
Health Care Surveys General
Textiles General
Transportation General
Bioinformatics Medical Sequence analysis, modeling or drug discovery related software
Biomaterials Medical A bio-based material is engineering material made from substances derived from living tissues.  Examples include polylactic acid, bioplastics, cornstarch etc.
Diagnostics/Biomarkers Medical Diagnostics, prognostics, biomarkers, patient monitoring
Drug Delivery Medical Drug/RNA/siRNA/Gene/Peptide delivery systems
Drug Discovery Tools Medical Screening Assays, Drug Targets, Methods of ID new drugs or therapeutic compounds/ DNA/proteins
Genomics/Proteomics Medical Anything Gene like (also see proteomics) - is this necessary? It is something most institutions have a category for so we may need to keep it. Combined this with proteomics because there will be so few
Medical Devices Medical Medical and surgical devices, prosthetics, med devices used for therapeutics
Medical Imaging Medical Medical imaging, tracking, sensing, signal processing
Microarrays Medical DNA, RNA, Protein, Antibody array related technologies.
Research Reagents Medical cell lines, monoclonal antibodies, reagents, animal models, growth factors, clones
Research Tools Medical cloning tools (such as PCR), methods, laboratory equipment and machines, software that helps in research
Therapeutics - Drugs Medical Potential drugs, small molecule, peptide, antibody, nucleic acid -based therapeutics - with novel composition of matter claims
Therapeutics - Methods Medical New use of known drugs, DNA, or protein based therapeutics, and non-drug therapeutic methods or treatments
Tissue Engineering Medical
Vaccines Medical Vaccines and Vaccine generating/developent methods, tools
Chemical Engineering Physical Chemical engineering technologies
Chemistry Physical Catalytic, coatings, organic, physical, polymers, environmental, quantum chemistry, chemical compounds
Civil Engineering Physical Engineering that deals with the planning, construction, and maintenance of fixed structures or public works
Electrical Engineering Physical
Energy Physical Alternative or renewable energy-related technoplogies, Hydrogen separation, Solar Energy, Photovoltaic cells, Hydroelectricity
Instrumentation Physical Measurement and control technologies.
Internet and Communications Physical Internet software or related services.  Coding, networks, optical, components, wireless, telephony, VoIP
Manufacturing Physical Manufacturing methods, industrial processes or instrumentation, machinery, assembly, process control
Materials Physical Materials, coatings, ceramics, composites and electronics
Materials Diagnostics Physical Characterizing materials, i.e. thin films
Mechanical Engineering Physical
Microelectronics/MEMS Physical All microelectronics, or methods of making microelectronics
Nanotechnology/NEMS Physical Anything nano - this includes NEMS, methods of making nano-structures, materials
Networking/Communications Physical Network monitoring, telecommunications, etc?
Photonics/Optical Systems Physical Anything light or optics related
Physics Physical Acoustics, Fluid Dynamics, Thermodynamics, Optical Physics, Particle Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Mathematical physics
Plastics and Polymers Engineering Physical  Processing, design, development, and manufacture of plastics and polymeric based products
Robotics/Automation Physical Robots, vision, hearing, sensing, artificial intelligence, etc?
Semiconductors Physical
Sensing/Imaging Physical Sensor networks, detections systems, sensing during manufacture, RFID
Software/Algorithms Physical All programs and software
Chemical Methods/Libraries Physical and Medical Methods of synthesizing certain chemicals or compounds, combinatorial chem libraries
Fluidics/Microfluidics Physical and Medical Lab on a chip, microfluidics, and associated hoses and chutes