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There is no shortage of tools and other resources for entrepreneurs on the web, via consultants and professional organizations, and books, many of which are excellent. We encourage you to explore any and all resources available and affordable to you as there is no completely comprehensive list of resources of which we are aware.

In this section, you will find resources either generated by the MTTC or available from other sources with which we have worked. A listing in our website does not indicate that the respective organization or site is best or only resource for a given area of interest but should rather be considered as a starting point for your own search for the best resources for your needs.

How-To Resources

Our experience in preparing entrepreneurs for giving investor pitches has led to the development of templates, simple manuals and examples of high quality presentations by MTTC personnel. In addition, we have encountered useful tools from other organizations. Read about them in this section…

Find a Technology

Many entrepreneurs we encounter are excited about starting a company in a given sector but don’t have a technology on which to base it, or they wish to expand their platform technologies. One of the best resources for finding technology to license in Massachusetts is the Massachusetts Technology Portal, which also includes contact information for our research institutions’ Technology Transfer Offices. Another resource for identifying TTOs is MATTO, the Massachusetts Association for Technology Transfer Offices. Other ways of finding new technologies are to participate in business plan competitions and mentoring programs; please see the list of useful organizations to find these.

Find an Organization

Organizations that are active in entrepreneurship, specific industry sectors and other areas of interest are listed in this section. This is not an exhaustive list but provide a great starting point for New England entrepreneurs.