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“Starting IT” Free Seminar for IT Career-Seekers
May 20, 6:00—7:30

Accent Training, Water Tower Square
400 Missouri Avenue, Suite 102
Jeffersonville, IN

Louisville, KY: The McConnell Technology & Training Center (MTTC) is sponsoring a free seminar to introduce people to information technology (IT) and computer technology careers. Accent Training is co-sponsoring the event.

“Starting IT” will identify potential IT careers, provide information about salaries and job possibilities, help participants identify their IT talents and interests by using self-assessment tests, and show them how they can begin a career in Information Technology.

Both local and national job availability and salary figures are described during the session.

The Starting IT seminar is free but session space is limited. Reservations must be made through MTTC. Please call or e-mail MTTC at (502) 367-2186, (888) 797-0931, or [email protected].

MTTC is located in the Technology Park of Greater Louisville (former Naval Ordnance Station) near the airport.

ACCENT Training provides technical certification training for Microsoft, Cisco, Novell and other major IT vendors’ certifications. ACCENT Training’s "Bootcamp" program allows participants to complete their Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) certification in only 12 days, compared with up to several weeks or months at other training providers. ACCENT Training also offers application software training that centers on the entire Microsoft Office Suite as well as other emerging technologies. ACCENT Training is working with several national clients to develop custom web-based learning solutions.

ACCENT Training has training facilities in Jeffersonville and Madison, IN; and Eastern Louisville and Frankfort, KY.

“MTTC and ACCENT Training are both great organizations that are committed to student success. This partnership allows our students to enter the information technology career field and continue to grow and develop as much as they desire,” noted Thompson.

Contact: Bill Thompson, Director, MTTC Computer Technology Programs (502) 367-2186, ext 701 ([email protected]) or Gregg Sinders, Chief Operating Officer, ACCENT Training (812) 285-8285 ([email protected])

For more information about the training packages or any of the training offerings from MTTC and ACCENT Training, visit or