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MTTC Trains Kentucky Businesses to Protect Themselves Against Computer Security Threats as Part of Homeland Security Efforts

Louisville, KY: The U.S. Navy-sponsored McConnell Technology & Training Center (MTTC) is taking steps to help Kentucky businesses protect themselves from computer security threats as part of the President’s National Strategy for Homeland Defense.

Many businesses are totally unaware of the computer security threats facing them today. And unfortunately, many of them realize the consequences of not taking precautions after its too late—until an attack, virus, or other threat has caused a direct economic impact:

Sue, a defacto Information Technology (IT) manager for a small manufacturing company, tells this story: “The guy who owns my company didn’t really think we needed any sort of computer security protection until three things happened in fast succession: we got Klezzed, we got Nimda’d, and somebody hacked the in-house web server and replaced the content with porn. The last event convinced him that our unprotected network wasn’t really safe and that somebody could conceivably hack into the build server, steal the code and then wipe the box (no, we don’t have backups-- “the equipment is too expensive”). The Klez and Nimda incidents each took us down for three days, during which time nobody could work. The bottom line—six days with zero productivity—talked to him, and we finally got a firewall and bought some decent antivirus software.”

Marge, an ER nurse outside of St. Louis, told the tale of her hospital’s encounter with the Slammer worm:

“Let me just tell you Saturday was just about the worst night I've ever had as a nurse. The virus shut down all of our computers, so we were backed up with patients, tests and every other twisted mess of information you can have. Had to make all requisitions by hand, couldn't get test results—it was a mess. "The fire alarm went off several times, falsely, but the guard kept telling all of us to evacuate and then "DOH! Don't evacuate." And on top of that, the entire building was overheated, again, because the computer that controls the temps in the place was messed up.

"We didn't have a tech and were short several nurses, therefore there was no job too small for me to just do myself, including transporting through doors that wouldn't open thanks to the fire alarm resetting all the magnetic doors. All thanks to the worm.”

Stories like these abound across Kentucky and across the nation, with more and more businesses finding out too late about the importance of sufficient computer security precautions.

But now, MTTC is now offering in-depth computer security training to help businesses protect themselves from these threats.

MTTC’s “Security Fundamentals” is a computer security course designed for businesses and individuals interested in learning about the most common threats to IT security and the means to protect network systems. MTTC’s nationally qualified instructors cover such knowledge areas as: general security concepts, communications security, infrastructure security, basics of cryptography, and operational/organizational security. At the end of the course, attendees will have a firm grasp of steps that businesses can take to protect themselves from hackers, crackers, viruses, worms, identity thieves, information predators, purveyors of porn and disgruntled employees.

A more advanced option for businesses to protect themselves is MTTC’s “Security +”, a 40-hour training course that continues the information covered by the Security Fundamentals class. Security+ is designed to prepare participants for the Security+™ certification test and to master such knowledge areas as: general security concepts, communications security, infrastructure security, basics of cryptography, and operational/organizational security. The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) Security+™ certification is a vendor-neutral “worldwide standard of competency for foundation-level security practitioners.”

Security+ certification training can help prepare IT professionals to protect the businesses and organizations they work for by:

  • Identifying Security Threats
  • Hardening Internal Systems and Services
  • Hardening Internetwork Devices & Services
  • Securing Network Communications
  • Managing Public Key Infrastructure
  • Managing Certificates
  • Enforcing Organizational Security Policy
  • Monitoring Security Infrastructure

Schedule of Classes

Security + Prep (40 hrs)*

     WHERE:  MTTC Classroom “A”
     DATE:   March 17 - 28 (Monday through Friday, two weeks)
     TIME:   5:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

To register, please call (502) 367-2186 in Louisville, or (888) 797-0931 outside of Louisville. Or e-mail [email protected].

For more information about MTTC’s support of the President’s Homeland Security initiatives or MTTC’s complete training offerings for IT professionals and career-seekers, contact Christina Harper, MTTC Business Training Manager at (502) 367-2186 ext. 715, or e-mail [email protected].