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Second Place: Computers in the Home
By: Rikki Tennyson
6th Grade

I would like to win the computer or laptop because I have never really had a computer that worked. I also think I should win the computer or laptop because I think it would improve my computer and typing skills. I could also type all my homework to make it look neater. This is how I would improve.

I think having a computer or laptop would benefit my family because me and my older brother could do school stuff. My mother and father could do work stuff or even consider working out of the home. If they started working out of the home we could spend more time in front of the computer and less time in front of the TV. I think that would bring the family closer together. We could also keep up on the latest stars, shoes and clothing styles. We could even do school things like math, grammar and social studies. That is how it could benefit my family.

My older brother is 17 years old and he will be going to college soon and I am sure he will need a computer to help him in school. I would really like for him to have a laptop to pay him back for all the things he has done for me and in the long run my parents would come out a lot cheaper.

With having the computer or laptop in the home we could find people’s phone numbers easier and even do shopping on-line so my mother does not have to go out on her bad foot. We could chat with friends and family when someone is on the phone. That would help us out a lot. I stay on the phone all day long. I think that would make my mother happy. The person who would get the most use out of the computer is my brother because in high school you tend to use computers and get on-line a lot more than middle school kids. He would not have to stay after school and do projects he could come home and do them.

If I had the computer or laptop I could help my little cousin with his homework and even my niece so they could get done faster. I could also get the right spelling information they need. If I had the laptop it could help me look up things on the law to help my dream to become a lawyer come true. I would like to become a lawyer because I like to fight and speak out for people.

Last but not least, I would really like to have the computer or laptop because I have never had one before and it would keep my parents from having to buy a new computer and I could do all the things I listed above. So please pick me for first or second. Thank you for reading.