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Third Place: Impacts of Computers
By: Duy Truong
6th Grade

Have you ever dreamed of going from one state to another in a mere second? Well now you can with the Internet! With the Internet you can travel anywhere in the world. I have used it and look at the wonders it has done for me. Acing my project, talking to people far away and learning new things.

In school we have the Internet on our computers. The computer is really useful to me because when I write my final copy of a portfolio, I can type it and use spell check to correct my words faster. It saves time so I don’t take all day looking a word up.

Our family would really value our computer because instead of using twenty dollars for only forty minutes on the phone, we could use the Internet to contact our relatives in Vietnam for as long as we want for just forty bucks a month.

Knowing computer skills will help me in life because if I get a job that involves computers and if the computer breaks down or the operator gets sick I will be able to fix it or work with it. For example, if I was working at NASA and the control guy got sick and the rocket was headed for an airplane, I would be able to take over.

In conclusion, I wrote this essay to tell others how great having a computer is and how I need to win a new computer because it is so great to have a computer that is not broken down.