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January 1999

MTTC Fleet Maintenance Projects

(12/28/98) The Superbolt Project has completed. Testing was very successful and approval for full fleet use is expected shortly. All of the contractual issues associated with the Portable Shipboard Chlorinator have been resolved. GeoCenters and the Naval Research Laboratory has commenced design and procurement of the chlorinator unit. Fleet testing will commence upon completion of unit assembly and identification of a test ship. The Lynx Motor shock test will probably be delayed until later in 1999 when a steel-cased motor becomes available. Recent meetings in Washington D.C. have isolated the next group of projects to be presented to the Office of Naval Research Working Group on 13 January 1999. They are: Testing of a new watertight door hinge; testing of a new VHF no-maintenance radio antenna; heat exchanger descaler qualification; testing of a new connector to eliminate corrosion; and testing of a new through-the-wall connector that will protect electronic components in high electromagnetic radiation environments.

Defense Manufacturing Conference (DMC)

(11/28/98) The Lynx Motor display was the "hit of the show" in New Orleans on 30 November – 4 December 1998. The display featured a motor, mounted in a massive truss, rapidly and accurately swinging a large beam throughout a range of movements. Almost every visitor at the show stopped by the booth and was given a description of the motor and its capabilities. A substantial number of prospects were generated.

Navy Asks MTTC To Assume New National Role

(11/28/98) The Naval Sea Systems Command has asked MTTC to consider becoming the national clearinghouse for maritime metal coatings information. The recent introduction of a large number of paint, metal coating and plastic technologies has led to confusion and wasteful testing. MTTC is currently reviewing the scope of the potential work and the resources that would be required to initiate and maintain this new system. The work would also include the coordination of testing for the more promising technologies. During a meeting in Washington D.C. on December 17, 1998, MTTC committed to the project. A follow-up meeting will be held in Washington on Jan 6-7 to define the operations and requirements for the National Surface Treatment Center (NSTC). Stakeholders will include numerous Navy and contractor teams.

Next Technical Advisory Board (TAB)

(11/23/98) As announced at the October Board, the next TAB meeting will be held on April 20, 1999 at MTTC. The agenda will approximate previous meetings.

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