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FLEET MAINTENANCE : Current Project Status

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September 2000

MTTC / Navy Fleet Maintenance Projects-

Current Status (9/1/00)

Portable Chlorinator. Installation and training on USS CARR was completed in January 2000. System has been fully operational since March. The ship took the system off-line in July due to leakage from a corroding quick disconnect fitting. NRL has recently replaced the fitting. CARR is currently scheduled to deploy later this year. The chlorinator will be operated onboard throughout the deployment. At the first opportunity after the ship returns, the firemain system will be examined to determine the amount of biofouling present.


 Lynx Motor Shock Tests. This project has been cancelled at the request of the vendor. Due to heavy workload for commercial customers, NASA and the Department of Energy, a shock hardened motor could not be prepared in the near future. The current commercial motor has been tested to NASA vibration specifications and has passed, but there was some questions regarding the ability of the commercial bearings and encoder to withstand the impact of a 400 pound hammer dropped from a height of five feet. Rather than risk the motor's reputation, the company has elected to conduct shock testing when it becomes necessary to construct a device that would require these features.

Heat Exchanger Descaler. All portions of this project are now complete. The in-situ method has been validated for safety and has been used onboard ship. SIMAs on both coasts have been, or are being trained in the procedure. It has been formally approved for shipboard use by trained shore-based personnel.

Bilge Paint Qualification. USS DETROIT has been prepared and painted with Alocit and EuroNavy paints in the main machinery space and a shaft alley. CES, Inc, SURFLANT and NAVSEA will observe the condition of the spaces over an extended period of time. This project is complete from the MTTC perspective.

Topside Connector Corrosion Protection. Rayvolve is currently undergoing strenuous laboratory testing. NAVSEA has waived two tests that were considered to be unreasonable. Testing to date has been very successful and based on these results, NAVSEA has directed that massive shipboard testing program be conducted. The current plans are to install over 4,000 Rayvolve covers on 19 or more ships.

K-Flex ECO Insulation. At-sea testing on USS RUSHMORE is complete. Samples of the insulation that were subjected to temperatures in the 230-250 deg F. range exhibited some hardening. At the request of NAVSEA, MTTC modified the contract to include laboratory thermal conductivity testing of the sections. The preliminary test reports indicate that there is no measurable increase in thermal conductivity. However, it has also been found that the hardening is progressive in the I.D. in the very hot pipe applications. The O.D. was still flexible. These tests are now complete. NAVSEA will make a judgement on fleet suitability after reviewing the test reports. The MTTC portion of this contract is complete.

Remote Valve Actuators. In January 2000, a "slimline" Tri-Tec actuator was installed on USS G WASHINGTON. Underway testing was conducted during pre-deployment workups. This actuator was removed from WASHINGTON in July. It had exhibited a tendency to over-torque and overheat plus other problems. These conditions resulted in significant downtime and maintenance actions. The Tri-Tec was replaced with a current actuator for its upcoming deployment. At the request of NAVSEA, the Rosenblatt (AMSEC) contract was modified to add a slimline Limitorque model. MTTC will procure an MX-5 model and Limitorque will lend the Navy an MX-10 model for testing. These devices are expected to be delivered in late August. A test ship has not formally been identified. It is understood that AIRLANT will also be testing a Target Rock actuator on USS TRUMAN.

ECOTherm High Temperature Insulation. Test sections were installed on USS BOXER in April 2000. Ease and cleanliness of installation was immediately noted. The sections were not sheathed in order to observe the effects of normal shipboard operations on the fibrous material. A mid-test inspection will be conducted in September 2000 and the final inspection/replacement will occur after BOXER returns from deployment in 2001. The installation will be observed during an extended at-sea period. The original project was approved incrementally at $80K for FY 00 and $55K in FY 01. The FY 00 contract was signed for $75K. However, it appears that the CaSi re-installation will increase to $60K. The total is still within the approved limits.

Distiller Anti-Scale. NAVSSES has proposed a 2-year project which would require funding that extends into FY 02. MTTC will award a contract when FY 00 funding becomes available. SSES and NAVSEA have provided all required documentation.

Anti-Sweat Paint. There was a delay in developing a Statement of Work as a result of personnel changes at GeoCenters. In late May, MTTC received a proposal which appeared to conform to NAVSEA direction. Because the project will take approximately 6 months, MTTC will award a contract when FY 00 funding becomes available.

Stratica Flooring. MTTC issued a contract to CES, Inc. on May 30, 2000. The project is expected to complete by 30 September 2000.


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