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November 1999

MTTC Participates in Air Force Symposium on Micro- and Nano-Structures

(11/6/99) The Air Force Research Laboratory Propulsion Directorate, Materials & Manufacturing Directorate, Air Force Office of Scientific Research, and Wright Technology Network (WTN) are jointly sponsoring a symposium to transfer micro-structures, nano-structures, fullness, and supporting/enabling technologies to users in Industry and Government.  Experts will present these technologies and partnering opportunities.   MTTC has been assisting in the planning of this Revolutionary Aerospace Micro- and Nano-Structure Applications Symposium (RAMNAS).

Microtubes have almost universal application in areas as varied as optics, electronics, medical technology, and micro-mechanical devices.   These tubes will provide the opportunity to miniaturize numerous products and devices that are currently in existence, as well as allowing the production of new products.

In addition, the symposium will present nanotube and nanomaterial technologies.  Carbon nanotubes are stronger than steel at only one-sixth the weight.  They are thermal conductors, electrical conductors in three specific types, and available for purchase in small quantities.

The symposium will be held on October 27 and 28, 1999 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Engineers Club of Dayton, Ohio.  The registration fee is $135.00 per person, and the deadline for registration is October 20, 1999.  For more information on this topic check-out the WTN website at:

MTTC Introduces Regional Manufacturers to Remarkable New Lubricant Additive

(11/1/99)  MTTC has arranged for Muscle Products Inc., Butler, PA, to demonstrate their wear-resisting lubricant products, designed for use in a wide variety of applications, to regional manufacturers.  Suggested uses for these anti-friction based products include gears, piston, cutting tools, and sporting equipment.   Tests by independent laboratories have shown amazing reductions in wear.

A brief demonstration of these lubricant additive products will be conducted at the November 9, 1999 meeting of the Louisville Chapter of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME).  Mr. Randy Hill, Marketing Director for CJ Distributing of Burton, MI, the regional distributor for the Muscle Products line, will speak and demonstrate how these products can be used and the monetary benefits.

Dayton Small Business Seminar a Success, MTTC Planning Similar Event for Louisville

(11/1/99) Representatives of MTTC attended a very successful seminar in Dayton, OH on October 4, 1999 entitled, "Acquiring Innovative Technologies to Grow Your Business:  A Conference for Small Businesses."   The seminar presented information on innovative new technologies available from the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, assistance to small businesses available for the State of Ohio, electronic business guidelines, sources of funding, and the basics of business plans.  Presenters included representatives of the Air Force, the State of Ohio, and local universities.  MTTC assessed topics that might be of interest to small businesses and plans to offer a similar seminar at its conference center in Louisville.  Watch this website for details.

Navy Looking for Answers

(11/6/99) Our readers may be able to help the Navy solve an ongoing problem. Shipboard watertight doors (WTD) have handles that, when not being used, are stowed in the vertical direction. The handles are held there in place by spring metal clamps. Some of these WTDs are operated hundreds of times a day. Unfortunately, the clamps being used can corrode, lose their spring (which causes the handles to fall down and block the doorway) or simply break off. The MTTC is looking for a replacement for these clips. They do not have to be made of metal, but, if they are metal, they must be able to withstand the salt-water environment. If you have a product or an idea that we could propose to the Navy, please call or email Dick Gilbert at the numbers at the bottom of this page.

MTTC Fleet Maintenance Projects

(11/1/99) The Project Status is as follows:

Portable Chlorinator. The suitcase unit and chemicals have been delivered to the USS CARR along with operating training.  An 8-12 month testing program is underway.

lynxmotor.jpg (2914 bytes)Lynx Motor. The Lynx Motor shock test will probably be delayed until mid-2000 when a hardened motor becomes available.

wpe5.jpg (6027 bytes)Heat Exchanger Descaler. Qualification of the onboard use of Safe-T-Seale will eliminate the costly and time consuming need to remove heat exchangers for shore-based cleaning.  This project commenced in September 1999.

doorhinge.jpg (5204 bytes)Watertight Door Hinge Replacement. Testing of the new hinge assembly is almost complete.  A number of concepts have successfully endured over 1 million cycles.  A winner will be selected in the near future.

Bilge Paint Qualification.  MTTC has teamed with NAVSEA and the Fleet Commands to test and qualify two epoxy paints for use in ship bilges. This Secretary of the Navy high interest item will commence in December 1999 most likely on the USS PRINCETON (CG-59).  A savings of $6 million per year has been projected. 

Topside Connector Corrosion Protection. Approved on January 13, 1999.  MTTC will qualify several re-enterable connector covers for shipboard use. The use of these materials will minimize connector corrosion and result in greater electronic system reliability and reduced maintenance. A detailed test plan has been approved and testing will soon commence.

!insulat.jpg (4737 bytes)Fast Track. K-Flex E Co.  MTTC will evaluate a test section of this new material on USS Rushmore.  A baseline assessment was conducted prior to ship deployment in June 1999.  When the Rushmore returns, the installation will be re-evaluated.   If approved, large savings in production costs will be realized.

Louvers.jpg (5271 bytes)Fast Track.  DDG-5 Class Intake Louvers.   MTTC coordinated a test coating on several louvers using a fluidized bed ponder coats process.   Within a month of the fleet request,  the lovers were coated and returned to the fleet for at-sea testing.  The test set was installed on the USS Cook in July 1999. To date, the results have been outstanding.  NAVSEA and COMNAVSURFLANT has already ordered the coating, 5 full ship sets.

Tri-Tec Actuator.  The Navy is looking for remote valve actuators that are mechanically and electronically compatible with current models and are considerably more reliable and user friendly.  This project will procure and test a new model actuator onboard an Aircraft Carrier for at least six months.  A constract has been awareded to M. Rosenblatt, Inc. who will coordinate this effort.

Ecotherm Insulation.  Another MTTC project, K-Flex ECO is proposed to replace the existing Calcium Silicate in low temperature applications (<250 deg F).  The Navy desires to test another CaSi replacement, Ecotherm, for high temperatured applications (250-1000 deg F).  This project will install test sections of Ecotherm on a fleet ship and conduct extended at-sea trials on the USS RUSHMORE in early 2000.

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