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March 1999

MTTC Fleet Maintenance Projects

(2/26/99) The FMTTC Project Status is as follows:

  • S086501: Superbolt. Testing is complete. NAVSEA is preparing to issue a fleet advisory approving the use in most applications. USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT, USS JOHN STENNIS and USS ENTERPRISE have gone to sea with Superbolts installed under a waiver.
  • S086502. Portable Chlorinator. Suitcase unit is designed and under construction. NAVSEA is attempting to find a test ship. It is expected that at-sea testing will commence within a couple of months, after injection ports have been installed on the ship and the operators have been trained.
  • S086503. Lynx Motor. The Lynx Motor shock test will probably be delayed until later in 1999 when a steel-cased motor becomes available.
  • S086504. Watertight Door Hinge Replacement. Approved at the January 13, 1999 meeting of the Office of Naval Research Working Group. Contract discussions are ongoing with the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock. NAVSEA has estimated that this new hinge pin set will save $10M annually in maintenance costs. The new pin sets will be subjected to accelerated cycle testing to verify performance before introduction into 52,000 fleet doors. This is a Secretary of the Navy high interest item.
  • S086505. Heat Exchanger Descaler. Approved on January 13, 1999. This commercially available system will be tested and approved for shipboard use. This will permit emergent maintenance and eliminate the need for costly removal/reinstallation of heat exchangers in order to deliver them ashore. An estimated $4M/year cost avoidance is forcast.
  • S086506. "EURONAVY" Bilge Paint Qualification. Approved on January 13, 1999. MTTC will be teaming with NAVSEA and the Fleet Commands to qualify this new epoxy paint for use in ship bilges. This is a Secretary of the Navy high interest item and should complete by September 1999. $6M per year savings have been calculated.
  • S086507. Topside Connector Corrosion Protection. Approved on January 13, 1999. MTTC will qualify several re-enterable connector covers for shipboard use. Use of these materials will minimize connector corrosion and result in greater electronic system reliability and reduced maintenance.
  • Others. The January 13, 1999 Board also approved procurement of VHF antennas for shipboard testing. NAVSEA is currently analyzing the available antenna systems for operational effectiveness. CINCLANTFLT has proposed the use of the USS MOUNT WHITNEY for at-sea testing. The Board also authorized the MTTC to continue discussions with NAVSEA on the National Surface Treatment Center. MTTC is awaiting a decision from NAVSEA regarding the establishment of the NSTC as an approved MANTECH project.

Lynx Motor Update

(2/26/99) While Navy and Navy contractors are still expressing strong interest in using the Lynx Motor in a variety of applications, no contracts have yet been issued. Lynx has continued its expansion in the commercial arena. They recently signed contracts with NASA and Boeing to produce a prototype motor that may eventually replace the hydrazine auxiliary power unit on the space shuttle. They have completed production of the first 10-inch diameter motor that is associated with their Department of Energy SBIR contracts. Lynx is conducting negotiations with a large number of potential users ranging from transportation to home appliances.

Next Technical Advisory Board (TAB)

(2/26/99) As announced at the October Board, the next TAB meeting will be held on April 20, 1999 at MTTC. The agenda will approximate previous meetings.

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