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June 2001

MTTC / Navy Fleet Maintenance Projects-

Current Status (06/01/01)

ECOTherm High Temperature Insulation. USS BOXER (LHD-4) deployed in early March 2001. In late February, BBNT, Inc. restored some of the remaining ECOTherm, but left some at the request of the ship for continued analysis. Upon completion of laboratory tests on some of the removed material BBNT, Inc. will produce a test report and forward it to the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) for a determination regarding fleet use.

Distiller Anti-Scale. MTTC has awarded a contract and funding to NAVSEA/NAVSSES Philadelphia to commence this project. A current injector will be purchased and modified for Navy use. The injector and concentrated anti-scale fluid will be tested in the land-based-test-site.

Anti Sweat Paint. This project is now complete. Extensive laboratory testing at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) has shown the latex/ceramic paint does not meet the performance of the currently approved anti-sweat paint (Hempel AntiCons) and when used at the suggested thickness, results in very high application times and costs.

Boat Davit Improvements. MTTC has awarded a contract and funding to NAVSEA/NAVSSES Philadelphia to commence this project. NAVSSES is currently investigating various potential technologies to solve corrosion and brake problems. This project is expected to last for another year, including hardware tests.

Vertical Package Conveyors. All required contractual documentation is complete and a contract is expected to be awarded in the very near future.

Composite Connectors. This project is now complete. Four wiring harnesses with composite connectors have been delivered to the Inservice Engineering Agent (ISEA) at NSWC/Port Hueneme Division/Louisville for on-mount testing. Some initial fit problems have been realized and solutions are being investigated.


CIWS Acutator Cam Pin. Contract discussions with General Dynamics Armament Systems, Burlington VT will commence in the near future.


Speedwrap Insulation. NAVSEA has validated the Speedwrap requirement. The project is expected to be initiated in 4th quarter, fiscal year 2001.  USS Theodore Roosevelt will be the test platform.


ArmaChek Insulation Covering. NAVSEA is currently reviewing the requirements inormation to confirm the validity of this project. A decision on whether to proceed is expected in June/July 2001.


Laser Induced Surface Improvement (LISI) of LCAC Lift Fan Blades. All necessary documentation has been received from the Navy. A contract with ST2 will be awarded in the near future.


Electrospark Deposition (ESD) In-situ repair of hydraulic rams. All necessary documentation has been recived from the Navy. A contract with NSWC/Carderock will be awarded in June/July 2001.


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