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July 2000

MTTC Links with SCORE


MTTC’s Director of Technology Transfer, Dr. Dave Goddard, was the featured luncheon speaker at the May 19th monthly meeting of the Louisville chapter of SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives). Using the title, "MTTC Assistance to Companies, Entrepreneurs, and Inventors." Dave presented the overall activities and capabilities of MTTC in assisting manufacturers, then focused the major portion of his talk on MTTC’s assistance to inventors. MTTC offers help to inventors in the areas of technical assessment of inventions and methods of manufacturing them, protection of intellectual property, Government sources of funding for new technologies, and step-by-step project development and management. After the speech, several SCORE members contacted Dave with the information that SCORE had not previously had any means, or known about any organization, to assist technically oriented businesses and individuals, and were appreciative of learning about MTTC and their ITAP (Innovative Technologies Assistance Program) plan. MTTC plays a key role in invention assistance, and we are "spreading the word" that we are here to help!

Inventors Conference Series

Being Planned

Following up on their widely acclaimed "Invention to Income" (I to I) workshop in March, MTTC and the Advanced Technology Council (ATC) of Louisville have initiated plans for a series of short seminars in invention assistance. These seminars are scheduled to start in September 2000, and will each be held on a Saturday morning. Current plans call for each seminar to address one of the topics covered in the I to I workshop, although each seminar might include a section on legal and financial issues. Another proposed idea is to feature a specific manufactured invention at each seminar. Stay tuned for details as they are finalized.

MTTC Fleet Maintenance Projects

(7/1/00) The Project Status is as follows:

Portable Chlorinator.  The installation of injection ports and other ship modifications is complete.  All equipment and supplies have been delivered to the USS CARR.  Final crew training was accomplished in December 1999.  Operational tests have now commenced.


Heat Exchanger Descaler.  Ongoing shipboard tests have demonstrated the viability of this process. As a result, a draft procedure and Fleet Advisory have been written and are in circulation for comment. Modifications to the vendors procedure have been incorporated to reduce metal loss in the heat  exchanger tubes. This project has been successfully completed.


Watertight Door Hinge.  The 1.25 million cycle operational test has been completed.  There were three clear winners.  In order to expedite fleet introduction, limited sole source procurements from each winning concept will be conducted, with initial hardware being used to fix some especially notorious installations.  Concurrently, a competitive procurement will be staged among the three to obtain the best price for a very large procurement to support the needs of the entire fleet.  This project is considered to be completed successfully.


Bilge Paint Qualification. This is a Secretary of the Navy high interest item.  The USS DETROIT has been assigned as the test ship.  A supply of both Alocit and Euronavy has been procured.  Corrosion Engineering Services, Inc. is the performing contractor.   NAVSEA and MTTC have combined resources to apply both of these paint systems on DETROIT for evaluation and comparison.  Painting has been completed. The performance of these paints will be evaluated under fleet conditions for an extended period of time.


Topside Connector Corrosion Protection.   The "Gel-in-the-Middle"clamshell connector cover tests have led to the conclusion that this product will not meet Navy needs.  However, the Rayvolve (type N, roll-on) cover, which was also included in this project, has shown excellent results to date.  While laboratory tests are ongoing, several were installed on the Phalanx CIWS mount on USS MCCLUSKY (FFG-41) Shipboard technicians have used the re-entry capability and have expressed great satisfaction with the concept.


K-Flex Eco Insulation.   Operational tests were complete on USS RUSHMORE Laboratory tests of hardened material removed from RUSHMORE are ongoing. Upon completion of these tests, the Navy will make an acceptance decision.


DDG-51 Class Louvers.  The test louvers on USS COOK continue to exhibit excellent performance per SURFLANT.   Based on the results to date, the Navy has funded the coating of all louvers on ships under construction and three complete ship-sets for operational units.  This project is complete and based on strong positive Project Office and Fleet feedback, it is considered to be a complete success.


Remote Valve Actuators.  This project has been modified and expanded.  The original effort to test two Tri-Tec actuators has been scaled back to one unit which was installed on USS G. WASHINGTON. An additional actuator, manufactured by Limitorque is being procured and will be installed on USS T. ROOSEVELT.


Ecotherm High Temperature Insulation.   MTTC has issued a work order to BBN, Inc. Test sections of the insulating material were installed on the USS BOXER in May 2000. At sea test have commenced.


Distilling Plant Anti-Scale. NAVSEA has provided a Statement of Work and MTTC is initiating discussions with NSWC/CD/SSES, Philadelphia, PA. A contract is expected shortly.

Anti-Sweat Paint. NAVSEA has provided a Statement of Work and MTTC is initiating discussions with GeoCenters, Inc. A contract is expected shortly.

Stratica Deck Tile. CES, Inc. has been issued a contract to install test sections in accordance with new Navy procedures. A test ship will be identified shortly.


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