ISO 9000 is the common term for the family of international quality standards which identify the fundamental requirements of a world class Quality Management System. ISO 9000 has gained world wide acceptance, and ISO certification is quickly becoming the only admission ticket to the industrial market. The implementation of a Quality Management System that meets the requirements of ISO 9000 is sound business practice.

What is ISO 9000 about?

ISO 9000 is about effective management and control of key processes, efficient use of resources, and meeting the needs of all stakeholders of the organization. This leads to substantial savings in operational cost, consistency in meeting requirements, and enhanced customer satisfaction. An effective Quality Management System also provides the baseline for further business improvement. It allows companies to change, rather than be a victim of circumstances.

ISO 9000 applies to large and small companies alike.

It's applicability in the manufacturing and service sector is far reaching. Small firms as well as large use ISO 9000 as a foundation for their management system ensuring that they remain competitive today while planning for their future leadership in expanding markets.

MTTC Offers Training, Auditing and Consulting Services

Training - MTTC offers a variety of training services -from a two hour executive overview to an intensive interactive four day workshop. Please see the chart for more detail on these trainng courses.

Audits - The MTTC staff also provides readiness or pre-assessment audits resulting in recommendations for resolving any nonconformance findings, plus periodic audits to monitor ISO requirements.

Consulting - On site consulting provides assistance in assessment, training, system development and implementation efforts. MTTC consulting services inlcude bringing second tier documents [ ] to fruition, leading and facilitating continuous improvement efforts or providing personalized attention where needed.

MTTC Offers "EASY" ISO 9000/QS Alternative

Realistically, financial restraints may hinder the implementation of ISO/QS 9000 Registration. This may be the cold hard, defining truth despite the fact that we may readily acknowledge that ISO 9000/QS is quickly becoming the ticket for admission in the domestic and global marketplace. Financial contraints may delay implementation despite the fact that we may know that many customers already require ISO compliance, and if they don't now, they probably will soon.

As a response, MTTC has developed a consortium concept, IsoEasy, which is designed specifically to make ISO 9000 registration achievable and affordable for small businesses. By forming and working together with a group of companies, the MTTC is able to offer a comprehensive training and implementation package at a fraction of what each company would pay individually.

The program consists of a series of Quality System development workshops, training sessions, and on-site consulting, resulting in the development and implementation of an ISO/QS compliant Quality System. The program has been carefully developed to ensure a timely, methodical, affordable, and highly successful approach to the development and implementation of a World Class Quality Management System. Each participating company will receive:

The heart of the program is the intensive, interactive four-day workshop in which four of your key people will develop and document your company's quality management system in a draft Quality Manual. They will also identify and begin development of the second tier implementing instructions. In addition, two people from each company are trained as internal auditors, which will help expedite the implementation process, minimizing external audit costs.

Additional services are available outside the scheduled program, including on-going Quality System management, surveillance auditing, and personalized implementation programs. For more information: Call Bob Chilton, (502) 367-2186.