MTTC Proudly Announces Its

Product Showcase

A 365 Day-a-Year Trade Show

Does this sound familiar? "I'm too busy -I don't have time to attend trade shows and conferences. I just can't get away right now."

This is a typical response and common problem facing many small business owners. Understandably, the priority that drives most business owners and managers is the day-to-day operation of the company - getting the product out-the-door on time and below targeted costs. There simply isn't enough time [or money] to travel around the country looking at new equipment or cutting edge software that could help improve efficiency and productivity.

Because of this dilemma, The Manufacturing Technology Transfer Center (MTTC), has established a Vendor Product Showcase - it creates an opportunity for Kentucky small businesses and their staff to evaluate new technologies, test and try new products and programs at a convenient location, at a time convenient to their work schedule and without any sales pressure. The Showcase will exhibit new and innovative industrial machinery and industrial software products.

The goal of MTTC's Product Showcase is singular: to provide the resources for companies to search out, select and implement new equipment and software programs that may provide businesses with tangible productivity improvements.

Industrial Machinery

The MTTC is forming partnerships with product vendors that allow vendors to display latest products at the MTTC facilities. Initially, the Showcase will exhibit advanced machining, milling, and grinding equipment along with Wire EDM machines and modular tooling. Equipment displays will be dynamic - vendors will rotate their products on a periodic basis to gain a wider exposure for client companies.

Customers will have a chance to examine these new products and, if desired, connect with a factory sales representative for more detailed information or demonstration.

Management and Industrial Software

There are many industrial software products on the market today with more projected for the future. The Showcase will display a variety of management and industrial software products. A suite of computers will be available for hands-on use. The Showcase will display software for product design, inventory control, Manufacturing Resource Planning, bar-code labeling, shop floor control, electronic purchasing, and many more.

Software vendors will also supply product information and sales contacts for interested companies. Beginning in late 1996, vendors will conduct workshops at MTTC's training site that will explain the costs, benefits, and application of their products.

MTTC's Marshall Bramble welcomes your suggestions for hardware, equipment and software displays and demonstrations. For more information, please contact Marshall by voice phone at (502) 367-2186 or by fax at (502) 367-4261.