Advanced Skills Training

The Manufacturing Technology Transfer Center (MTTC) leverages the unique abilities of its partners to meet industry needs for improved skills through its advanced skills training programs. The MTTC has developed intensive, performance based courses geared toward enabling students to improve existing skills or to acquire new skill sets in critical areas.

Our curricula offers courses in Management Education Training and in Technical Training, including programs on Industrial Maintenance, Precision Machining, Machine Tool Maintenance, and Materials Joining training.

Management Education:

Technical Training Areas

Teamwork Counts!

The MTTC team works in partnership with industry, government, and academia to bring successful training programs to small businesses and industry. MTTC's training programs are based upon the following time-tested strategies:

MTTC is pleased to announce that several Advanced Skills Training Courses are scheduled in September and October, 1996:

Practical Machining Principals for Shop Application - This course emphasizes the practical aspects of machining including: Chip formation, selection of cutting fluids, materials properties that affect machinability, cutting tool rigidity, machining costs, and new techniques. Scheduled for these dates: September 30, October 7th and October 14th from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Precision Alignment Techniques for Machine Tools - Introduce principals/techniques of geometric alignment and adjustment of machinery. Includes precision measurement, machine tool leveling, thermal effects on alignment, electronic measuring instruments, and geometrical squareness. October dates.

Machine Scraping Operations I - Examine methods for producing a flat surface on a machine part. Identify types of scraping tools (grinding, lapping, scraping) discuss methods for scraping various surfaces and the maintenance accuracy/performance of surface. To be announced.

Customized Programs Offer Practical Solutions to Unique Needs

The training needs of your business or industry may be unique - MTTC will tailor training programs to meet individual company demands. Contact Bob Chilton at MTTC for more information on existing or customized programs. Bob may be reached at (502) 367-2186, by email at [email protected] or by fax (502) 367-4261.