Welcome to MATTO!

MATTO is the Massachusetts Association of Technology Transfer Offices.

Our Mission is to promote efficient and effective transfer of knowledge and technology developed at academic institutions in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to companies that will develop and bring novel products to market for the public good.

Membership is open to all not-for-profit research institutions in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Currently, 31 institutions belong to MATTO. These institutions employ over 200 professionals in their offices of technology transfer.

MATTO provides:

  • Professional development training for its members;
  • Events that showcase early stage technologies developed at academic institutions in Massachusetts.
  • A vehicle to address issues affecting the technology transfer profession as a whole in Massachusetts.

View the Governance, Organization and By-Laws of MATTO.

What is the difference between MATTO and the MTTC?

We use these two very similar acronyms with nearly the same combination of words and the same website, so what are the differences and what are the reasons for having two organizations under one roof:

  • MATTO (MA Association of Technology Transfer Offices) was created in 2002 by several technology transfer office directors from major institutions in Massachusetts to respond to several statewide initiatives.  With no formal budget but with volunteer efforts of MATTO members a basic website and organization was born.  MATTO may be considered to be an organization for technology transfer professionals similar to the international organization, the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM).  However, MATTO as an organization has never been a legal entity and has no budget.
  • In late 2003 the MTTC (MA Technology Transfer Center) was created by the Massachusetts legislature to support economic development in the Commonwealth.  The MTTC was funded by the legislature and continues to receive state funding on an annual basis. MTTC’s mission includes supporting entrepreneurs within MA, including startups from MATTO institutions as well as independent startup companies. MTTC provides support to early stage companies by coaching entrepreneurs, providing grants, and connecting industry communities. MTTC strives to make meaningful connections between investors, entrepreneurs, companies, and technology transfer offices.
  • In 2004, the MTTC took over the management of MATTO to ensure its activities continued to support the local technology transfer community.  While MATTO has no legal structure a set of by-laws were created for MATTO that specifies the relationship between MATTO and the MTTC.
  • So the MTTC continues to provide programing and funding to support the direct commercialization of new inventions from MATTO institutions to benefit the economic development of the Commonwealth. While MATTO, as a subsidiary program, continues to provide support services to the technology transfer community primarily through educational programs.
  • Whichever name you know us by we are here to help you and will direct you to the resources and programs that are appropriate for your needs.