2016 Early-Stage Life Sciences Technology Presenters & Exhibitors

Pitch Presenting and Exhibiting

The Early-Stage Life Sciences Technology Conference is an annual showcase for platform technologies developed at the research institutions, hospitals and universities and for recently formed companies.  Presenters will include founders of new companies and faculty of institutions with technologies that could be the basis of a start-up or license.  The Forum is an opportunity for these companies and faculty to present to an audience of angel investors, venture capitalists and corporate investors.

Pitch presenters include:
Angiex Inc, Ardent Cell Technologies Inc. , BiomaRx Therapeutics, Chestnut Pharmaceuticals Inc., Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Echo Therapeutics, HarkerBIO, LLC, iHope Network, InsomniSolv, Inc, Mass. Eye and Ear, Navi Innovations LLC, OWL Life Technologies LLC, QSM Diagnostics, S2 Detect, Medical Devices, StemCellerant, LLC, and TGV-inhalonix, Inc

Exhibitors include:
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center , BUZSAW, Capten Therapeutics, Inc. , Cell Diagnostics LLC, Crescent Innovations Inc., iClinical, MITRE Corporation, University of Massachusetts Boston, and Vertical Biometric