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ISO/QS 9000

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ISO/QS 9000 Consulting, Training, and Auditing are just a phone call, fax, or e-mail away!

  • ConsultingOn site consulting provides assistance in assessment, training, system development and implementation efforts. MTTC consulting services allow the client to utilize our services to their most cost-effective advantage. MTTC provides assistance in developing documentation, leading & facilitating continuous improvement efforts, training, and providing personalized attention where needed.
  • TrainingMTTC offers a variety of training services- from a two/four hour executive or employee overview of ISO or QS requirements to interactive training in APQP, PPAP, SPC, FMEA, Root Cause Analysis, and Internal Auditing Techniques.
  • AuditsThe MTTC staff also provides readiness or pre-assessment audits resulting in recommendations for resolving any nonconformances, plus periodic audits to monitor compliance with ISO or QS requirements.


What Is ISO/QS 9000?

ISO 9000 is the common term for the family of international quality standards adopted by the International Standards Organization (ISO) that identifies the fundamental requirements of a world class quality system. ISO 9001 is applicable when a company has responsibility for design, development, production, installation, and servicing of a product. ISO 9002 is applicable when a company has responsibility for production, installation, and servicing of a product. ISO 9003 is applicable when a company has responsibility for inspection and testing only of a product.

ISO 9000 has gained worldwide acceptance and ISO certification is quickly becoming the admission ticket to rapid success in the international market. The implementation of a Quality Management System, which meets the requirements of ISO 9000, is sound business practice.

QS 9000 is a quality standard adopted by the US automotive industry, which encompasses ISO requirements and also adds automotive industry specific requirements.

How Does ISO/QS Benefit Your Company?

ISO/QS 9000 is about effective management and control of key processes, efficient use of resources, and meeting the needs of all customers. This leads to substantial savings in operational cost, consistency in meeting requirements, and enhanced customer satisfaction. An effective Quality Management System also provides the baseline for further business improvement.


ISO/QS Applies To Large And Small Companies Alike

ISO/QS’s applicability in the manufacturing and service sector is far reaching. Small firms as well as large use ISO/QS 9000 as a foundation for their management system ensuring that they remain competitive today while planning for their future leadership in expanding markets.

What will it cost?

Zillions and zillions, or if you are lucky, a lot less, if you use MTTC.  Actually, we will work with you to contain cost.  We want you certified, not bankrupt.

How long will it take?

Longer than a bear's hibernation, but less than an elephant's gestation.  The truth is - we never know for sure.  Where you are now and where you need to go will determine how long it takes to get there.

Visit our web site regularly for the latest information regarding the ISO 9000:2000 standards and related transition guidance, training courses and consultation. Let us help you begin the "Move from Conformance to Performance" in the year 2000! Contact Mike Paten, RAB Certified Quality Management System Auditor, (502) 367-2186, or Email: [email protected].


Frequently Asked Questions About ISO/QS

For more information how MTTC can help your company achieve ISO/QS 9000 compliance, contact Mike Paten [email protected] or call (502) 367-2186.




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