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 Baldrige Winners See Benefits of ISO 9001:2000

The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) is given to US organizations that excel in seven areas: leadership, strategic planning, customer and market focus, information and analysis, human resource focus, process management, and business results.  Many states, including Kentucky, have developed quality awards based on assessments to MBNQA criteria. 


The 2000 MBNQA winners for manufacturing are Dana Corporation and the KARLEE Company; Operations Management International OMI) won in the service category; and Los Alamos National Bank won in the small business category.  The awards were presented by President Clinton and Commerce Secretary Norman Mineta.  “As the first group of winners in the 21st century, they exemplify the Baldrige themes of excellence, global competitiveness, partnerships, empowerment, innovation and lifelong learning.  They can proudly serve as role models for any organization wanting to improve the way they operate,” said Mineta.


David Briggs of the KARLEE Company says making ISO 9000 certification the first stop on the company’s “quality journey” was a key decision that eventually led to the MBNQA.  “ISO set the foundation for controlling processes in a way that enable you to get the business results needed” (for the MBNQA).  However, KARLEE is not resting on it’s laurels – it is already preparing for the transition to ISO 9001:2000 and working toward ISO 14001 certification of its environmental management system.  Briggs says the transition should be fairly easy since the new standard adheres more closely to Baldrige criteria.  “Most of the things you would be putting in place (through ISO 9001:2000) match Baldrige criteria: the emphasis on customer satisfaction and customer focus, the documented planning system , and the requirement to measure/monitor processes and customer satisfaction come closer to being criteria for the Baldrige.”  


Vince Morgillo of Dana Corporation says, “We are QS-9000 certified but the key reason we won the Baldrige is leadership and fact-based management.”  Morgillo agrees that the new standard does move closer to the Baldrige in its requirements.


Steve Wells, president of Los Alamos National Bank, says that “while ISO 9000 was not a part of the plan that led to the Baldrige, the bank will be registered in the near future because there are always ways we can get better – Baldrige or not, we rely heavily on efficiency – I know that was a large part of the decision to look into ISO.”


OMI is the only Baldrige winner this year that does not see ISO 9000 in its future.  Rodger Quayle of OMI says that “we have one project that is certified to ISO 9000, but most of our projects use a quality system that works and has the same intent.” 


ISO 9001:2000, Quality Management Systems (QMS) – Requirements, and ISO 9004:2000, QMS - Guidelines for Performance Improvements, form a “consistent pair” of documents that allow a company to design and implement a QMS that not only meets international QMS requirements but provides a sound foundation for continual improvement of an organization’s overall performance and efficiency.  The linkage between ISO 9001:2000 and the Baldrige noticed by this years MBNQA winners reinforces what authors of the new standard have been advocating from the beginning – upgrading from ISO 9001:1994 to ISO 9001:2000 is the first step in the “Move from Conformance to Performance”.


ISO 9000 registration is not the end of the “quality journey” – it’s the beginning.   Where are you in the process?  MTTC can help with ISO and MBNQA based assessments, training and implementation support. .  For more info, call Mike Paten or Aimee Cecil at (502) 367-2186 or visit our web site at






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