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Mission: Provide innovative technology-enhanced services and solutions for National Defense, business, and work force customers.

Vision: IPI is a nationally-recognized leader for technology services, information, and training through its McConnell Technology and Training Center and National Surface Treatment Center.

Innovative Productivity, Incorporated (IPI) operates the McConnell Technology & Training Center and the National Surface Treatment Center...

IPI, a Kentucky 501(c)(3), Kentucky corporation, has an extensive array of outreach programs with state and local community resources in Kentucky and Indiana, including small business development centers, regional technical training centers, government agencies, universities and technical schools, various trade and professional associations..

Innovative Productivity, Inc.
1930 Bishop Lane, Suite 1011
Louisville, Kentucky 40218
Phone: (502) 452-1131  •  Fax: (502) 451-9665
Email: [email protected]