Pitch Presenters

Name and Title Affiliation Technology
Paula White, CEO&Founder 600 lb gorillas, Inc. 600 lb gorillas currently sells Super Premium All Natural Ice Cream Sandwiches and Frozen Ready to Bake Cookie Dough. Its all-natural, premium quality, zero trans fats formulation gives 600 lb gorillas a distinct advantage over existing refrigerated from national brands.
Christopher Doona, Senior Research Chemist Brandeis University The Technology is the Enhanced Quasi-chemical Kinetics (EQCK) model for a simple, versatile tool originally developed at US Army – Natick Soldier RDEC for predicting the safety and shelf-life of stored or processed foods meeting the military’s 3-year shelf-life requirements
KC Hayes, Professor Brandeis University Carrot pomace is currently considered a “waste product” of carrot juice production.  However, it is rich in soluble and insoluble fibers, some of which are considered antidiabetic.  After drying and milling carrot pomace into a powder, it was fed to our novel model of Metabolic Syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes, the Nile rat (Arvicanthis niloticus).
Leena Pradhan-Nabzdyk, CEO Canomiks GeneTune™ technology based on genomics tools to develop herbal supplements. Additionally a proprietary database of 250 different herbs depicting their relationship with 24000+ genes.
Planned Products: B2C: Multi-herb formulations for diabetes, Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Arthritis
Gillian Isabelle, Founder Enlivity Enlivity is a biopharmaceutical startup operating at the interface between pharma and nutrition.  We are developing a portfolio of products that provide supportive care for patients undergoing treatment for serious diseases.  Drawing on principles from biochemistry, engineering and food science, our products will mitigate the toxic, dose-limiting side effects of current drugs, or improve their bioavailability.
Monika Weber, CEO Fluid-Screen, Inc. Fluid-Screen, Inc. provides information on bacterial contamination in just 30 minutes.  It has developed a microchip to replace the Petri dish. The product is a handheld, portable device can change the way we test food, water and diagnose bacterial diseases. The Company initially will focus on water testing, including environmental, drinking and sterile water.
Chris Shaw, CEO H2ORS, Inc. H2ORS manufactures an over-the-counter Oral Rehydration Solution targeted in the healthcare space as an alternative to IV fluids for non-acute care patients.  H2ORS will have a fundamental impact on fluid and electrolyte replacement, patient outcomes, staff efficiencies, and cost savings.
Larry Feinberg, CEO KnipBio Inc KnipBio is developing a proprietary single cell protein (SCP) consisting of >60% protein, all of the essential amino acids, vital anti-oxidants and other biomolecules required to formulate highly nutritious feeds, into a single “flour”.
Mohammed Fotouhi, CEO Rite Taste, LLC. Rite Taste has developed a working, patent pending economical device that can detect allergens in food and display the presence (or absence) of the substance (gluten at this time) on the user’s smart phone or the device LCD.
Daniel Schmidt, Associate Professor University of Massachusetts Lowell Most food and beverage can coatings still contain the known endocrine disruptor BPA, leading to consumer anxiety and regulatory pressure.  We have developed a drop-in replacement for these coatings with no structural similarities to BPA or any other known endocrine disruptors and based on chemistries and compounds already used in the large-scale commercial production of food and beverage contact materials.
Pradeep Kurup, Professor / Connor Sullivan, Graduate Student University of Massachusetts Lowell Elevated concentrations of heavy metals in food are a significant health risk due to the long term bio-accumulation of these toxins. Our technology is a modular and versatile E-Tongue to fill the unmet technology need for a handheld device for onsite detection of heavy metal such as arsenic, cadmium, copper, lead, zinc, and mercury in food and other complex matrices.
Michael Super, Senior Staff Scientist Wyss Institute at Harvard Using the Wyss FcMBL pathogen binding technology our device will dramatically reduce the time required for routine monitoring and detection of spoilage microorganisms in food products.