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Program Charter

While the Navy Manufacturing Technology (MANTECH) Program serves to transition new technologies from research and development to the factory floor, the Repair Technology (REPTECH) component of the Program develops and applies technology to improve the capabilities of the repair community. In the current budget environment, it is expected that the Navy will be required to extend the useful life of fielded systems and equipment. The repair and remanufacture capability that is provided organically and by the intermediate maintenance organizations is absolutely critical, and REPTECH investments are required to ensure that the necessary technology exists to enable quality corrective and preventive maintenance be performed.

The Manufacturing Technology Transfer Center (MTTC) has been designated as the Fleet Maintenance Technology Transfer Coordinator (FMTTC). The FMTTC is a need-driven response program that develops technical solutions, which are acceptable to the demonstration site and throughout the intermediate and organic repair community. If a solution to a given problem does not exist, the FMTTC program will determine the best technology resource to develop the solution. A key objective of FMTTC is to develop and operate a technology network to inform the intermediate and organic maintenance organizations about appropriate technology solutions and to improve their capability and efficiency.

FMTTC Working Group

The FMTTC Working Group (FWG) has the responsibility to select projects to be executed under the FMTTC program. The FWG is made up of a voting representative from NAVSEA , NAVAIR, ONR, CINCLANTFLT, USMC, MTTC and a FWG Chair. The FWG can add or delete voting representatives by mutual agreement. In the event of their absence, the voting representatives can designate an alternate. The FMTTC Chair can add additional non-voting members as required. FWG voting members are responsible for technical management, i.e. providing appropriate technical direction to the MTTC for projects. The FWG also provides technical input to aid is selecting, initiating, and managing FMTTC projects. The FWG meets twice a year, wherein members recommend projects for selection for funding and review the status of active projects.

FMTTC Project Initiation and Selection

Candidate projects will be obtained from the intermediate or organic maintenance organizations, including the TMI/TMA lists maintained by the CINCs. The MTTC will perform a preliminary assessment of potential projects. The assessment will consist of an analysis of resolution being within the scope of MANTECH, the potential for resolution of the issue/problem and the costs of resolution. FMTTC projects can be initiated and selected in two ways:

  1. The FWG will review and select or reject candidate projects during scheduled meetings of the FWG.
  2. The FWG members may propose Rapid Response projects

Prior to start of work on the project, the FWG Chairman will assure that the customer (representative of the activity with the issue/problem) is in agreement with the project to investigate the problem and is committed to implementation of the project results.

FMTTC Projects

Three projects were selected at the initial FWG meeting in June 1998, and four others have been initiated since the inception of the program. Click here for a description of current FMTTC Projects.

Points of Contact

Persons to contact regarding the FMTTC Program and Projects are:

Dick Gilbert, Manufacturing Technology Transfer Center, Louisville, (502) 367-2186 or email [email protected]

Bob Zangmeister, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Port Hueneme Division, at (502) 364-5014 or email [email protected]


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