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e-Commerce Seminar:

Business Opportunities 2001

A Practical Step-by-Step Guide for Getting New Business

Learn how to add or increase business from:

  • Federal Agencies - world's largest customer

  • State & Local Agencies - buy $Millions

  • Fortune 500 Companies - buy $Billions


  • 7-Step guide for doing business with government
  • Major procurement web-sites
  • Understanding trends toward e-Business
  • Opportunities for companies that understand and use e-Commerce
  • Top-ten federal groups for selling products & services
  • Commercial / Industrial e-Commerce strategy & resources
  • Small Business Administration (SBA) procurement access
  • Commerce Business Daily (CBD) procurement strategy
  • The world in the palm of your hand using e-Commerce

Identifying Business Opportunities from:

Department of Defense (DoD)

General Service Administration (GSA)

Veterans Administration (VA)

US Army Corps of Engineers (CoE)

Small Business Administration (SBA)

United States Postal Service (USPS)

National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA)

Commonwealth of Kentucky

Louisville / Jefferson County Government

Commercial & Industrial Fortune 1000


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Computer Basics

for Small Business (Seminar)


We provide a complete business & internet ready computer, plus training to use it effectively.


Objective: Organize & grow your business using a computerized business system

   You Will Learn the Following:

  • Invoicing, Billing, Maintaining Accounts Receivable/Payable Records
  • Generating Profit & Loss Statements, Financial Records Management
  • Processing payroll & Paying Taxes
  • Maintaining Inventory Records, Using Spreadsheets for Estimating
  • Generating Customer Letters, Brochures, Electronic Faxing (In/Out)
  • Developing Customer Records (names, phone, contact history)
  • Sending/Receiving e-mail (free), Using the Internet to Increase Opportunities
  • Optional: Doing Business on the Internet -Web sites, e-mailing, tips on selling
  • Training materials include a business-ready Pentium computer, Windows 95 & selected business software
  • Course Cost: contact Electronic Commerce Department for details
  • Class Dates: Based on number of students, 4 hours each

EC /EDI Introduction Seminar

The EDI/EC Introduction and Overview covers new trends and applications to increase business opportunities using Electronic Commerce / Electronic Data Interchange, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and other EC technologies. Participants will be briefed on commercial and government requirements for EC/EDI Translation Software, Value Added Networks (VANs) and procurement web sites over the Internet applications. Online Demo, also!

The following questions will be answered:

  • What is Electronic Commerce (EC)?
  • What is EDI? Why use EC/EDI? Cost of EC/EDI?
  • How do I implement an EC/EDI system?
  • What is a VAN & How Much Will it Cost?
  • Will new computer equipment be required?
  • Private industry vs. government EC/EDI?
  • Are my customers requiring us to start using EC? Suppliers also? Government/Dept. of Defense?
  • Are we losing business without EC/EDI?
  • Can we increase productivity & efficiency with EC/EDI?
  • Will our operating costs be lower?
  • What about the "LETTER"?
  • Do I need a Web Site? How much will it cost?
  • Who can Host and Design my Web Site?

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Email: [email protected] Phone: (502) 367-2186 Fax (502) 367-4261 

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