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Mission:   We provide innovative technology enhanced services and solutions for National Defense, business, and workforce customers.

Vision:   MTTC is a nationally recognized leader for technology services, information and training.

The McConnell Technology & Training Center (MTTC) provides technology consulting and training for individuals and businesses, and innovative technology solutions for the U.S. Navy. The MTTC starting operating in 1993, and has offices in Louisville and Lexington.

Fleet Maintenance Reduction Program (FMRP): The MTTC helps the U.S. Navy resolve nagging and costly shipboard problems by inserting innovative products and technologies. These projects have provided the Navy with significant cost savings, huge manpower savings and important safety improvements. The Navy estimates that the MTTC projects will save approximately $1 Billion over the next fifteen years.

PC Essentials Program: This program helps individuals develop computer literacy and workforce skills. MTTC refurbishes computers donated by companies and individuals, and provides them to people who attend its training classes. Over 10,000 families and individuals have completed basic computer training and received personal computers through the PC Essentials program. This program also has trained nearly 1,500 Welfare-to-work clients in the Lexington area and holds classes in 13 Kentucky communities. Through numerous community partnerships, MTTC’s PC Essentials Program delivers computer technology programs to senior citizens, public housing residents, small businesses, teachers and students. MTTC helps local schools by setting up computer labs and initiating courses for teachers, students and parents.

Computer Technology Program: MTTC teaches advanced computer skills in its A+ Computer Repair, Network+ Essentials, Server+, Security+, Benchwork Tech, and Cisco Network Devices Courses. Students completing these courses can earn nationally recognized certifications leading to higher paying jobs. Students in MTTC’s advanced computer repair courses refurbish the computers distributed through the PC Essentials Program. Over 500 individuals have obtained new careers with a future through the MTTC's computer technologies training programs. Training partnerships with other computer training companies provide MTTC students with access to additional opportunities and certifications.

Quality Management and Business & Industrial Skills Programs: MTTC’s Quality Management and Business & Industrial Skills Programs have enabled more than 600 small companies to improve their competitiveness. These programs provide training and consulting in International quality standards, business management and supervision, computer operation and software utilization skills to improve business efficiency. Customized business skills training focuses on the specific needs of small and large companies.

MTTC ( Map )  •  119 Rochester Drive  •  Louisville, KY 40214-2682
(502) 367-2186  •  Toll Free: (888) 797-0931  •  Fax: (502) 367-4261  •  Email: [email protected]

Innovative Productivity, Inc. operates the McConnell Technology & Training Center
and the National Surface Treatment Center for the US Navy.