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PC Essentials

Donate Computers
We accept computer donations from individuals and corporations.

Benefits of Computer Donation
  • Environmentally responsible   
  • Free up storage space   
  • Improve workforce skills   
  • Benefit households in our region   
What to donate:
  • Desktop or laptop computers of minimum Pentium IV 1GHz or better
  • Monitors with a 17" display area
  • MS Windows XP or better software licenses
What not to donate:
  • Any computers of less than Pentium IV 1GHz
  • Monitors of less than or greater than 17" display area
  • Other electronics (i.e. dot matrix printers & copiers)

MTTC's unique computer donation program helps companies and individuals use the remaining value in outdated computer equipment. MTTC refurbishes computers and uses them in training programs that teach basic computer literacy to those who may not otherwise have an opportunity to own a personal computer. Because MTTC is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, the donor may qualify for tax benefits for the donated equipment.

Recent national surveys have shown that over 80% of all computers are in storage; most organizations don't know what to do with them. Storage costs money and the computers lose value rapidly. An organization that fails to move its off-line machines is losing money.

Donating computers to MTTC is a way for organizations to effectively get rid of unused equipment and to better the community at-large while dealing with only one donation source. You can be assured that we will securely remove your licensed software and any data remaining on donated systems.

Any computers or components that we accept and cannot be refurbished will be responsibly recycled through an environmentally responsible recycling facility.

Section 170 of the Federal Income Tax Code outlines tax benefits that may result from these donations.

Kentucky Living Magazine Article - This article about the PC Essentials' Computers for Farmers program, a joint effort between MTTC and the Kentucky Community Technical College System, shows the value of PC Essentials in action.

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