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Information Technology

Student Comments:   Introduction to Computer Repair | A+ Computer Repair | Computer Repair Apprenticeship Training | Network Fundamentals | Network+ Preparation | Security Fundamentals
Employer Comments:   Testimonials
Success Stories:   Real Students

Introduction to Computer Repair

“I learned so many new things about PCs. Being able to take a computer apart, look inside, touch and replace parts was quite beneficial to learning the basics. The most beneficial section of the course for me was the personal instruction. All questions were answered often times with detail of why you do this, why you don’t do this, and why it is useful to do this; a wonderful course. I recommend it to anyone who asks. I will spread the news. Thanks so very much!!!”
- Paul Rehm

“The one-on-one instruction was very helpful.”
- Terrance Owens

A+ Computer Repair

Henry Cooksey

“I really enjoyed my training at MTTC; the instructor was very effective and cared about us personally. With MTTC’s help, I got my A+ certification and I’m now repairing computers for a major manufacturer in Louisville. Needless to say, I’m glad I made the decision to go with MTTC training.”

Henry Cooksey

“I feel that my start in the A+ PC Repair course at the MTTC gave me a solid background to work on. Making the career switch was scary, but it was worth it.”

Mark Bourke
Mark Bourke

Jason Mallory
"Before I took MTTC's A+ Computer Repair Course, I was a cashier in a dead end job. I've advanced into a great IT career as a network administrator and desktop support specialist. I even bought my first home but I wouldn't be where I am today without the training from MTTC."

Jason Mallory

"I highly recommend the A+ Computer Repair class at MTTC to anyone that is interested in becoming a computer repair technician."

- C. Ireland
Computer Lab Instructional Assistant
Hardin County School System
C. Ireland

R. Chisolm
"After two weeks of intense text book instruction and hands-on exercises, I have gained so much knowledge and had so much fun doing it! I am sorry it is over."

- R. Chisolm
Computer Enthusiast

"This course fits the definition of life-long learning. This course is truly one of a kind and should prove vital to employers and to this community"

L. Jennings
CTS (ICIA) Instructional Technology Consultant II
University of Louisville
L. Jennings

R. Harned
"Excellent course! What I’ve been wanting ever since I got my first PC."

- R. Harned, Former Manager
Louisville Office
Kentucky World Trade Center

“I received great resources, learning tools, and hands-on training. I feel positive that the instructor and MTTC gave me the information needed not only to pass the A+ test but to have a career in computer technology.”
- Lisa Swinney

“I really enjoyed my class. Nancy is a great teacher and I can’t wait to start the Network+ (classes) in a couple of weeks. Thank you.”
- Gordon Gerwitz Jr.

“This is the only program in this region of the country that offers hands-on learning and can be done in two weeks. Many schools claim to have one or two week A+ training – MTTC delivers. This program should be offered around the state, not just in Louisville.”
- Brad Woodward

Network Fundamentals

“I found the class trip to a collocation data center and web hosting services center to be very interesting and informative. The demonstration Nancy (the instructor) had the class do with setting up a wireless network was a big plus. Nancy did a great job of formatting the class.”
- Leonard Oray

Network+ Preparation

“The instructor did an excellent job adapting to the needs of the students.”
- Leonard Oray

Security Fundamentals

“Nancy Wheeler was by far the best instructor I have had in the area. She went above and beyond to teach us the material. I would love to have her again as an instructor. I will highly recommend future marines to take this course.”
- SSgt. Robert Carr, USMC

Testimonials from Employers

"Everyone I've seen from MTTC has strong technical skills. The training combined with the internship program is a good combination of book knowledge and real world experiences."

Source - T. Jones, Manpower Technical Recruiter

"As a supervisor, you are always looking for training for your staff that is going to make an impact on the work and be meaningful to the technician. The education received (at MTTC) has greatly improved the confidence level of my techs and they can troubleshoot with the best."

Source - D. White, Telecommunication Specialist, U.S. Census Bureau

"MTTC's training has provided our employees with solid, practical skills essential to providing our customers the highest quality service and support they expect."

Source - Harold Coyle, ProNET Systems, Inc.

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