2019 Massachusetts Life Sciences Innovation Day Research & Start-up Showcase – Poster Session

Poster competition-cash prizes for 3 best posters

A key goal of the event is an exchange of ideas. Our poster session will showcase fundamental advances in research so they can be seen by a broader audience. If you have a novel life sciences technology, consider applying to the poster competition. If selected, you will have space at the event to have a large poster on an easel. During breakouts, you will have the chance to talk to attendees about your technology. Attendees will have $300,000 of “MALSI money” to invest in those projects that are promising. The five posters with the most “MALSI money” investment will be selected as finalists. CEO judges will then select the winners of the poster competition. Awards will be $2500 for first place, $1000 for second place and $500 for third place.

2019 Presenters:

Broad Institute, Cheri Ackerman
Rapid and direct discovery of therapeutic microbial communities

Reveal Pharmaceuticals, Vera Hoffman
Gadolinium-free platform for general purpose and precision imaging (MRI)

Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, Ida Pavlichenko
Next-generation tympanostomy tubes

Ernest Pharmaceuticals, Nele Van Dessel
A bacterial delivery platform for tumor-specific intracellular drug delivery

University of New England, College of Pharmacy, Srinidi Mohan
A novel less-invasive blood-based marker for aggressive solid tumors

Advanced Silicon Group, Marcie Black
Silicon nanowire niosensors for rapid, low-cost, and multiplexed protein concentration measurements

UMass Lowell, Sashini Wijetunge
Cyclodextrin grafted lectin liposomes as co-drug delivery nanocarriers for the management of chronic oral infection

21st Biotech, Yizhuo Chen
Renovare, the bandage that could heal wounds faster

Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Yuhan Lee
Therapeutic Luminal Coating of the Intestine

Tufts University, Valencia Koomson
HemoSensis: Noninvasive, Real-time Monitoring of Tissue & Cerebral Oxygenation

Schepens Eye Research Institute (HMS)/ EYEnexo, Matteo Tomasi
Mobile image analytics for large scale eye care delivery

Northeastern University, Roger Giese
Home-based metabolomics

Organix, Inc., Ravi Ujjinamatada
Novel first-in-class ID1 inhibitors which are based on cannabinoid template to treat advanced stage cancers

Boston Children’s Hospital, Neha Nagpal
Therapeutic targeting of telomere diseases via novel small molecules

Alertgy, Marc Rippen
Non Invasive Continuous Glucose Monitor (NICGM) and Alert System

UMass Medical School, Amanda Fazzalari
Variable expression of circulating microRNAs in hibernating and active black bears

Children’s Hospital, Kun Zhou
A new orally available drug for the treatment of metastatic cancers

Casterbridge Pharmaceuticals, Bruce Rogers
Optimization of hydroxytropolones for Hepatitis B drug development

Savran Technologies, Kathryn Roy
Microchip systems for non-invasive whole-cell liquid biopsy

KinAptic, LLC, Joseph Curcio
Wearable “electroceuticals” for disease treatment and therapy

Harvard University, Shencheng Ge
MagLev for biomedical analysis: systems, chemistry, and applications

Tufts University, Shishir Rao
Aiding skin and oral cancer detection and documentation in rural regions

Harvard University/JetValve, Christophe Chantre
Heart valve replacements that grow and live with patients

Children’s Hospital Boston, Kaifeng Liu
Stitching and knotting device for surgery

MGH Cancer Center, Alena A. Chekmasova
CAR-37 T cell therapy development for treatment of patients with CD37+ hematological malignancies.

Wyss Institute at Harvard University, Oktay Uzun
Bio-inspired tough adhesives for wound healing and biosurgery applications

Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Pavel Terentiev
Next generation visualization and analysis for big biomedical data: Empowering Drug Discovery

Zata Pharmaceuticals, David Tabatadze
Transfusable blood purification system

Boston Children’s Hospital, Shira Rockowitz
3000 Exomes: Cohort Studies Advancing Pediatric Genomics

University of Massachusetts Amherst, Chungwen Liang
Revealing the inhibitory effect of small-molecule drugs on amyloid-forming peptides using computational modeling approaches

Due date has been extended! Poster applications can be found here and were due on June 7, 2019.

Do not include confidential information.

Your poster application must be accepted by the committee in order to present at the conference. Walk-ins will not be accepted the day of the conference.

MALSI Day 2018 Poster competition winners:

First place - Christopher Locher, CEO & Co-Founder, Versatope Therapeutics, Inc., “Extracellular Vesicle Platform to Deliver Vaccines and Therapeutics”

Second place - Alex Ng, Research Fellow, Wyss Institute, “Utilizing Transcription Factor-Mediated Engineering for Stem Cell Therapy Applications”

Third place - Raffi Aroian, Professor, UMass Medical School, “Acillis thuringiensis crystal protein probiotic cure for intestinal nematodes”