Curious Reactor Networking

Curious Reactor is a life science focused networking tool being developed by MTTC member Jenny Ro, that helps you make the most of your conference.  Curious Reactor only connects you with the types of people you specifically indicate that you want to meet, so your personalized match list will be short, targeted, and relevant to you.  For instance, if you tell Curious Reactor that you are a researcher working on an innovative drug delivery system and are seeking funding to advance it, you will be connected with potential funders who are seeking technology in that space.  You will receive your matches a few days before the event via email, which means you can spend your time at the conference shaking hands with warm leads, instead of crossing fingers with cold contacts. Participation in Curious Reactor is completely free for MALSI Day 2019 attendees!

If you have already registered for MALSI Day but are not yet participating in Curious Reactor, click here.

Deadline to participate in Curious Reactor is  June 14, 2019.

A word on privacy:  Everything you tell Curious Reactor will be kept strictly confidential according to their privacy policy, and only the bare minimum information required to introduce you to your matches will be shared with them. Curious Reactor will not sell your personally identifiable information to any third party, and will only use it to provide the services you have opted into. You can immediately opt out at anytime by contacting [email protected].